Mineral fertilizers

Ammonium nitrate B

Ammonium nitrate is the most well-known source of nitrogen.
Contains the readily-available nitric form of nitrogen. Also contains nitrogen in the ammoniacal form to provide nutrition for plants during the whole growing period.
Efficient for all types of crops when used as either spring, pre-planting or for top dressing application.

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Ammonium sulfate

GOST 9097-82 (Belarus)
Designed for agriculture, industry, retail and export.

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Potassium chloride, 60%

Granular potassium chloride is used as the main fertilizer for direct application to the soil to provide crops with potassium. It is also a component in the preparation of mixed nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.


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The most concentrated solid form of nitrogen fertilizer.
The major world’s source of nitrogen.
Supplies a continuous source of nitrogen for plant nutrition during the whole growing period.
100% water-soluble, mobile in soil and can be applied by irrigation.
Suitable for either soil or foliar application.
Suitable for a wide range of crops.
Especially efficient for rice and melon crops.
Produced from pure raw materials.
Urea is available in bulk or big-bags (1000 kg). Should be stored under cover.

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