Endless opportunities from ULAGRO

The most obvious scenario for using quadrocopters in the agricultural sector is monitoring the condition of the fields. It is about tracking the location of employees and working equipment, protecting against the entry of harmful animals, creating regularly updated accurate maps of pastures and forecasting the volume of crops in a given territory.
All this allows you to take existing technologies, the next step: with the development of the power and range of UAV flights, as well as an increase in the capacity of their batteries, it will be possible to install additional equipment on the body of the drone.

More advanced cameras will allow for automatic aerial photography with analysis of nitrogen, moisture, waterlogging and waterlogging soils – previously this required resorting to the services of third-party companies surveying from satellite or small private aviation.

New batteries will bring the carrying capacity of even relatively small quadrocopters to a new level, saving farmers from the need to purchase additional equipment and hire a large number of employees. Experts estimate that the use of drones reduces landing costs by 85%. Saving time is also important: in an hour, a compact and fast device can sow 10 square meters. km of fields, a person will need it all day. In addition, the large capacity of the batteries also means the possibility of a long flight to very distant pastures to control the grazing of animals and the search for individuals who have lost their way from the herd.