Amino acids

Threonine (L-threonine feed grade 98,5%)

Threonine feed grade is a white crystalline powder containing at least 98.5 % of the active agent. It is highly purified with a low content of dust and volatile substances.

Threonine (L – threonine feed) participates in the formation of natural proteins and is an essential amino acid. L - threonine has an effect on muscle growth and meat production efficiency. It is also one of several possible precursors of nonessential glycine acid, which is synthesized in an animal's body, and in this sense the threonine plays a part in the regulation of digestion.



Methionine (DL – 2 – amino – 4 - (methylthio) – butanoic acid, DL – methionine, α – amino – Y – methylthiobutyric acid) refers to the group of sulphur-containing amino acids and is the first essential amino acid for livestock and poultry. Methionine feed grade is a synthetic product produced by chemical means. It is used in rations for livestock and poultry as a supplement, especially in shortage of fodders containing animal materials. A balanced feed determines genetic productivity in the poultry industry. Methionine plays an essential role in metabolism, muscle growth and contributes to rapid growth in young stock. Methionine shortage leads to growth reduction, poor feathering, muscle atrophy, liver fattening and decreased bone strength.